The Best 30 Background Patterns of 2019

The Best 30 Background Patterns of 2019

Trendy, Modern Background Patterns

The best background patterns of the year will keep your designs modern and in-style.

Even though it’s still early in this new year, we are already seeing some of the big trends in background patterns. And since the background pattern you pick will serve as the foundation for your entire design project, it’s important to get that right.

Some of the big trends we’re seeing involve gradients, 3D-esque patterns, and artsy illustrations. As we approach the 2020s, there’s also a growing trend in geometric shapes, glitz, and nods to nature and greenery.

You want to be unique in your designs, whether it’s building a website, creating a branding campaign, or printing textiles. But you also want to be trendy so you look fresh and modern.

We’ve curated a selection of the best free and premium background patterns for 2019. Pick the ones that speak to you and comment below how you’re going to use them!

Brush Stroke Background Pattern - $5

Well, hello, sexy.

This pack of 10 seamless vector patterns incorporate brush strokes, which make for a subtle, versatile backgrounds. You can use them as website backgrounds, social media posts, or in textiles. While the original file comes in pastels, you can adjust the colors to fit your needs.

Line Doodle Background Pattern - $5

Another awesome set of patterns by our designer, Diego Sanchez, the pack comes with 15 unique doodle backgrounds. The seamless patterns allow you to fill large spaces with the designs in just a few clicks.

Memphis Style Pattern Pack – Free

In this fun freebie, you’ll get a set of 6 different pattern and color palettes, all built around the unique Memphis style. The geometric shapes and brighter colors look straight from the 90s, another growing trend today.

Topographic Map Patterns – Free

Maps are the perfect way to give an adventurous, outdoorsy feel to a background, but in a way that is subtle. This set of 8 seamless vector map patterns use contour lines to give shape and depth to the backgrounds without taking too much attention.

Leather Background Pattern - $2

Dark colors for backgrounds are becoming quite the trendy. This leather background has enough of a pattern to both give an impression, but still leave space for text and designs.

Flying Colors Seamless Patterns - $9

On the other end of the spectrum, we have this colorful and versatile background pattern. Because styles from the 80s and 90s are growing, we’ll see more and more of these camouflage-like backgrounds in designs this year.

Flower Pattern Vector – Free

Originally designed as a pattern for packaging, this delicate flower pattern uses illustrations in a beautifully balanced way. The pattern also comes in three different colors, giving you options for your design.

Health Lifestyle Seamless Background Pattern – Free

You’ll need to work carefully with this pattern to find the right balance without it becoming overwhelming, but it’s still a lot of fun. The lifestyle illustrations make this background ideal for print and textiles.

Plywood Wall Background – Free

There are subtle whorls and lines in this wooden pattern that make for an ideal, subtle background. Because the wood almost seems to fade away, it’s perfect as a background for text.

40 Dark Background Patterns - $4

The dark, minimalistic quality of these tileable patterns make them an amazing option for website backgrounds. The barely noticeable patterns add a depth without being a distraction.

Tropical Illustrations and Patterns - $14

Love the feel of tropical plants and greenery, but need something a little more subtle? Then these are the backgrounds for you. The patterns stay on-trend with their use of botanicals, but as elegant outlines.

Map View Vector Patterns - $15

How stunning are these sets of tileable map patterns? The set of ten comes with a variety of options that can be used at the forefront of any design or as a subtle background pattern.

Cactus Pattern Vector – Free

How adorable are these little cacti? The free pattern comes with a variety of different cactus designs, each one just as cute as the last.

City Life Background Pattern – Free

While it would take some serious creativity to use this background for web design, it is an amazing option for print and textiles. And, once again, we see the use of illustrations, a big trend in 2019.

Grey Geometric Background – Free

Grey and white will never go out of style, but by using different shades to create geometric shapes, this pattern background keeps things fresh and trendy. The freebie is a great option for web design or social media.

Library Seamless Background Pattern - $4

In this stunning background pattern, we once again see the use of shades of grey and white. The illustrations are perfect for print, phone cases, or even social media posts.   

Memphis Seamless Pattern - $6

The second Memphis design on this list, this particular background pattern uses the black and white textures to make a big impression. The patterns are perfect for websites, business cards, wallpapers, and stationary.

Great Britain Pattern – Free

The illustrations used in this pattern vector utilize the same colors and style to keep it consistent. Plus, it pays homage to Great Britain, in all its rainy glory, which is super adorable.

Jungle Pattern - $18

As mentioned earlier, botanicals are definitely going to be big this year, especially if they come with the bold, rich colors made popular in the 1920s. This set of modern and chic patterns come in multiple colors, so you’ll have plenty of options.

120 Liquid Gradient Backgrounds - $5

You’ll get backgrounds galore with this purchase! The pack comes with 10 unique backgrounds in twelve different colors. The high quality images can be used individually or together to create unique patterns.

8 Arctic Frost Texture – Free with Subscription

You can almost feel the chill in these sharp, black and white frost patterns. The backgrounds combine the trends of shades of grey as well as the almost 3D feel that is so popular today. The unique backgrounds can be used for branding, web design, and print.

10 Art Deco Geometric Patterns – Free with Subscription

One of the best things about 2019 is the anticipation for 2020, which brings us back into the 20s again. In anticipation, geometric, art deco styles are once again coming back into style. This freebie is the perfect example of how the old can be made new again.

Watercolor Circus Seamless Pattern Background – Free

The detailed and beautiful pattern in this background includes watercolors and illustrations, two big trends in 2019. But even without that, this pattern is absolutely stunning and the perfect way to prepare for this years’ live action Dumbo remake.

Pink Geometric Patterns – Free

These bright, geometric badges can be used in so many ways thanks to their incredible versatility. The use of geometric shapes, varying shades, and splashes of gold make these patterns fit right in with 2019 trends.

Magic Forest Patterns – Free with Subscription

With a storybook charm, the four forest patterns you get in this set are truly whimsical. They combine the innocence of childhood with modern aesthetics to create backgrounds that can be used in web, print, or textiles.

Monochrome Seamless Background Pattern – Free

You get the best of both worlds with this patterned background. The geometric shapes that make up art deco stylings? Check! The monochrome black and white coloring more common today? Check! When combined, you get this simple, elegant background.

Faded Old Wood Background – Free

You can use this old wood background and all its character for any of your design projects. The varying colors and amounts of wear make it a truly unique background option.

Plants and Herbs Seamless Pattern - Free

Want to keep things simple and elegant? Then you’ll love this black and white botanical design. The simplicity in the background is part of its beauty.

Geometric Pattern Background – Free

How fun is this pattern? Instead of sticking to one or two shapes, this playful background has thrown them all onto a solid background to create something extremely trendy and modern.

Geometric Background Patterns - $5

Want a slightly more subtle geometric background option? Then you’ll love Medialoots’ pack of 10 seamless pattern vectors. The designs are of the highest quality, so you can use them for any project, from websites to textiles.



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