38 of the Best Watercolor Brushes for Photoshop

38 of the Best Watercolor Brushes for Photoshop

Photoshop Watercolor Brushes for Days

Watercolor brushes are a simple way to add layers of texture and depth to your Photoshop designs.

We have quite a list for you today, so we’re just going to jump right into it.

Medialoot has put together 38 of the most stunning, varied, and creative watercolor brushes that you can use in Photoshop. With these brushes, we’re sure you’ll be able to make beautiful artwork and creative design solutions.


Watercolor Brushes for Photoshop - $6

Medialoot offers this comprehensive pack of 30 different watercolor brushes. The brushes were created using actual watercolor brush strokes, making them both beautiful and authentic.

38 Hi-Res Watercolor Brushes - Free

Not only will you get 38 watercolor brushes with this free download, you’ll also get an image pack. The freebie is simple to download, so you’ll be ready to go in minutes.

High-Res Watercolor Photoshop Brushes - Free

This set of watercolor photoshop brushes is extremely high-res. The quality of the seven brushes included in this pack are perfect for giving a handmade feel to your designs.

21 Watercolor Photoshop Brushes Set II – Free

The small details, brushstrokes, and little flicks make this freebie of watercolor brushes a must-have. The set includes 20 varying brushes, so you’ll have plenty of options.

150 Handcrafted Watercolor Brushes - $16

You’ll get both watercolor paper and watercolor brushes with this premium set. The pack includes five different brushes and two palettes of watercolor paints.

Soft Watercolor Brushes – Free

The brushes that come in this free pack are softer than some of the options on this list. The downy edges of brushes allow for beautiful, delicate blending.

Handmade Watercolor Brushes - $4

Kauster created this pack of 10 detailed watercolor brushes. The high-res brushes can be used for banners, posters, and web designs.

Watercolor Brushes Set 2 – Free

This second set of watercolor brushes by FudgeGraphics contains 25 watercolor brushes. The resolution of these free brushes is impeccable, so you can use them on even your most detailed projects.

44 Assorted Washes Watercolor Brushes - $9

If you need dozens of watercolor brush options, this premium pack is for you! The pack even includes watercolor images to complement your designs.

24 Watercolor Brushes – Free

Artists will love the natural feel of these watercolor brushes. The pack of 24 includes enough variety to be used for wallpapers, presentations, and even social media posts.

Watercolor Photoshop Brushes 2 – Free

Another pack of freebie Photoshop brushes, this set comes with 15 options. The watercolor brushes have just the right texture to look natural.

90 Photoshop Watercolor Brushes - $9

The 90 brushes included in this premium pack were created using real, from scratch watercolor brush stroke. The result is a super pack of real, stunning watercolor brushes for Photoshop.

Watercolor Photoshop Stamp Brushes – Free Sample

What a selection you’ll get with this premium option that comes with a free sample. The watercolor brushes include stamps of natural elements, banners, textures, and splatters.

Watercolor Brush Pack 6 – Free

Not only do you get several watercolor splatter brushes in this freebie, you can also check out some of the other work by the creator.

Watercolor Wash Photoshop Brushes – Free

You’ll be able to craft professional graphics and effects with this set of 15 high-quality, high resolution watercolor wash Photoshop brushes.

Realistic Responsive Watercolor Brushes - $4

The ten watercolor brush tools included in this premium pack for Photoshop are made to be used like actual brushes, so you can paint like you would normally.

Watercolor Sloppy Mess – Free

Despite being called sloppy, these gorgeous watercolor brushes will make a beautiful addition to your toolbox.

20 Watercolor Brushes – Free

There are 20 brushes included in this free pack. The brushes blend together seamlessly, to create realistic, gorgeously detailed designs.

Watercolor Wash Photoshop Brushes – Free

Another example of free, professional Watercolor brushes for Photoshop. This freebie includes 15 brushes of the highest quality.

120 Watercolor Photoshop Brushes - $12

You will not run out of options with this pack of 120 watercolor stamps and brushes. With your purchase, you’ll get 120 stamps of watercolor brushes, 15 bonus layer styles, and isolated stains on a transparent background.

150 Vector Brushes – Free Sample

While the free sample of this pack may not contain the full 150, it will give you an idea of what you can get when you purchase the premium option: 28 watercolor vector brushes, 28 brush pens, 21 pencil brushes, and so much more!

14 Watercolor Brushes – Free

Each brush in this pack is a scan of a real watercolor brush stroke. The result is 14 authentic, easy to use brushes.

Watercolor Photoshop Brushes 10 – Free

You’ll get 15 watercolor brushes of the highest quality in this pack. Each can be utilized quickly so you don’t have to waste time adding and adjusting your brushes.

Aurora Watercolor Brush Collection - $8

There are 45 brushes in this premium pack, including light and airy swashes, misty textures, and stunning stroke marks.

10 Watercolor Brushes for Photoshop – Free

The ten free brushes in this pack are stamps rather than continuous brushes. But the simplicity of using them allows for complete creative control.

Abstract Watercolor Photoshop Brushes - $12

The beauty in this set of 125 stamp Photoshop brushes is their imperfections. The dribbles and splashes are all designed by hand, making them authentic and one of a kind.

20 Watercolor Photoshop Brushes – Free

There’s a grungy feel to these watercolor mask brushes. The vintage, abstract brushes will add the perfect feel to your next design.

Watercolor Memories - $12

There are 125 Photoshop stamp brushes in this pack, all with beautiful watercolor textures. The elegant, dainty stamps are perfect for social media posts and masks.

Watercolor Photoshop Brushes – Free

The Photoshop watercolor brushes in this set are hazy and varied, making them ideal for any designer to keep on hand.

Watercolor II – Free

Another popular freebie for those looking for watercolor brushes, this set includes nine stamps for Photoshop.

Watercolor Photoshop Brushes 6 – Free

There are a lot of different elements in this pack of 15 watercolor brushes. The heavier strokes offer a more grungy, modern look than some of the other options on this list.

44 Watercolor Brushes - $9

Whether you want to make backgrounds, simple textures, or detailed illustrations, this pack of brushes for Photoshop are a perfect starting point.

Watercolor and Ink Photoshop Brushes No. 3 – Free

You don’t just get watercolor brushes for Photoshop with this freebie, you also get ink brushes. Combine both to create stunning designs.

Watercolor Photoshop Brushes – Free

There are ten different brush stroke options in this pack of free watercolor brushes. The variations are just enough to be efficient without being overwhelming.

80 Watercolor Brushes - $12

In this premium pack, you’ll get 33 floral, 23 stroke, 20 texture, and 3 wreath brushes. The combined 80 different brushes are perfect for making subtle, elegant designs.

40 Photoshop Brushes #2 – Free

Sometimes you just want something that gets the job done. These varied Photoshop brushes will do just that, and provide you with plenty of variation.

Watercolor Paint Blobs and Brush Sets – Free

The blobs and brush strokes included in this high resolution watercolor pack are vivid and daring. A perfect combination for your personal design project!

51 Handcrafted Watercolor Brushes - $6

Let’s end with this comprehensive set of 51 handcrafted watercolor brushes. The high resolution brushes are flexible and intuitive.



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