27 Quatrefoil Backgrounds For Style and Elegance

27 Quatrefoil Backgrounds For Style and Elegance

Quatre-what? Quatrefoils!

Check out these elegant and stylish quatrefoil patterns to add an air of sophistication to your backgrounds.

Let’s talk quatrefoils!

If you’re anything like me, you might be a little confused about what exactly a quatrefoil is. No judgement here!

A quatrefoil is a decorative element made from four ‘foils’, or leaves, that connect or overlap to create a single shape. Most commonly, quatrefoils can be seen in decorations from India or even Morocco.

All we really need to know is quatrefoils are beautiful and make stunning backgrounds. We’ve put together a list of quatrefoil backgrounds you can use to bring style and elegance to your next designs.

Now, we have both premium and free options on this list, but if you still can’t find something you like, there’s another solution! Our buddy here at Medialoot, Diego Sanchez, has created a tutorial on how to create your own quatrefoil background.

Creating a quatrefoil background from scratch will give you complete control over every design aspect. Plus, it’s free! The tutorial, Create an Elegant Quatrefoil Background, is detailed and includes pictures, so even those of us who struggle with instructions can figure it out.


Quatrefoil Backgrounds - $5

You get 10 delicate and detailed quatrefoil backgrounds with this download. The ornamental designs come with different styles and line thicknesses. Even better, because they all come on very simple, neutral backgrounds, there’s a lot of versatility for designs.

Blue Watercolor Quatrefoil Pattern – Free

This gorgeous blue watercolor seamless background is both stunning and subtle, perfect for websites and other online designs.

Quatrefoil Moroccan Pattern Vector - $14.99

A quatrefoil background that combines the classic beauty of the shape with more modern colors, this pattern is the best of both worlds.

Dusty Coral Decorative Pattern Set - Free

You don’t just get one quatrefoil pattern with this freebie, you get a set of six patterns that effortlessly complement each other.

Quatrefoil Patter in Shades of Blue – Free

Shades of blue work so well with quatrefoil patterns! This combination of light and dark blue quatrefoils is both bold and delicate, making it an ideal option for backgrounds.

Blue Quatrefoil Pattern Vector - $14.99

The outline pattern in this ornamental quatrefoil seamless pattern can serve as a statement piece or blend into a background. The choice is yours!

Six Seamless Quatrefoil Designs – Free

Coming in an array of yellow and gray shades, this set of six seamless quatrefoil designs are beautifully patterned and work well online or in print.

Moroccan Styled Quatrefoil Tiles – Free

You’ll get a crazy high resolution background when you download this freebie. The varying blue shades of the pattern are perfect for wallpapers, textiles, and web design.

Mosaic Vector Pattern – Free

A collection of 25 mosaic patterns, these vectors can be used individually or combined to make much more fascinating variations. Our favorites are, of course, the quatrefoils!

White Pattern Backgrounds - $5

Quatrefoils don’t always have to be vivid and colorful! Sometimes a more subtle approach is warranted. This premium set comes with 16 different patterns, but you can’t go wrong with the quatrefoil.

Batik Pattern Vector – Free

Definitely one of the more unique quatrefoil backgrounds on this list, the Batik pattern vector is a mixture of styles. You’ll want to keep this one in your toolbox!

Linear Quatrefoil Seamless Background – Free

I love, love a simple pattern. When you add a black and white color scheme to said pattern, I am done! This simplistic, gorgeous quatrefoil pattern is versatile enough to be printed or used online.

Portuguese Pattern Vector Pack – Free

Inspired by Portuguese tiles, this set of nine contains varying quatrefoil backgrounds show how the stylish, elegant design feature can be used effortlessly to create new and exciting patterns.

Classic Pattern Set - $13

Quatrefoil backgrounds aren’t the only patterns you’ll find in this set. The 13 monochrome patterns are all classics and come with different stroke weights.

Hand Drawn Quatrefoil Background – Free

There’s a lot going on in this quatrefoil background and we’re here for it! The ornate border accentuates the beautiful, multi-color background.

Ikat Style Quatrefoil Pattern – Free

This quatrefoil background flirts with being a diamond, geometric pattern. But the editable texture still has the feeling of quatrefoil, with a hint of more modern designs.

Pastel Quatrefoil Vector Pattern – Free

Perfect for wrapping paper prints and other stationary, this set of free geometric patterns come in varying pastels.

Abstract Quatrefoil Pattern – Free

The gray and white texture of this quatrefoil pattern plays beautifully with the subtle design of the decorative element. Simple, but it makes a big impression.

Four Seamless Pattern Vectors – $14.99

The modern twist the two quatrefoil patterns have in this set are perfect for more contemporary designs. Not only would they be great printed, but they’d also look amazing online.

Star Moroccan Pattern Background – Free

This free quatrefoil pattern combines Moroccan stars with the classic design element to create something altogether new. The result? Well, see for yourself!

Ornamental Pink Quatrefoil Background – Free

This free quatrefoil background looks so delicate with its pink watercolor hues. The seamless background looks even better on a simple white background.

Abstract Geometric Background – Free

The negative space in this outlined quatrefoil background gives it an air of elegance that can be hard to accomplish with the shape. And the uneven, rough diagonal lines just add to the feeling.

Marble White and Pink Quatrefoil Background - $14.99

There’s so much gorgeousness to look at in this quatrefoil background. The golden lines. The blush filler and, of course, the marble background. All work to make a sophisticated, stylish background.

Seamless Moroccan Pattern – Free

We might reaching to call this quatrefoil, but the elements are there. The pattern would look beautiful as a textile and on some heavy fabric, but also on paper.

Gray and White Geometric Pattern – Free

There are some really retro background patterns in this set of 12 freebies, but we’ve got our eyes on those two with quatrefoils. And you still have so many to choose from!   

12 Indian Quatrefoil Patterns - $4

How absolutely stunning are these gorgeous Indian quatrefoil backgrounds? The bright, vibrant colors work beautifully as textile or stationary backgrounds.

Elegant Blue and Gold Quatrefoil Background – Free

Sometimes a simple design can be elevated by color choice, as is seen in this striking quatrefoil background. The design elements are simple. The colors are deep, but simple. The result is just beautiful.



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