26 Stamp Mockups: Rubber, Ink, and Wax

26 Stamp Mockups: Rubber, Ink, and Wax

Professional, Realistic Stamp Mockups

Use this fine collection of rubber, ink, and wax stamp mockups to display your brand or add a stunning finishing touch to your designs.

You want stamps? We got stamps!

And we’re not talking those things you lick and put on envelopes when you need to send your grandmother a thank you card. We’re talking premium rubber, ink, and wax stamps that will make any of your projects just a little bit more elegant.

The list of premium and free stamp options we’ve put together are ideal for branding or for adding that little bit of flare to a design.


Ink Stamp Mockup – Free

You might as well stop reading now, because this is the only stamp mockup you’ll ever need! Diego Sanchez of Medialoot fame has created a photorealistic ink stamp effect that can be customized to include any image you want.

The high resolution image comes with 10 effects, two ink boarders, two rough edged boarders, and three background textures.

Rubber Stamp Mockup – Free

Your next presentation will be a stunner if you use this flawless rectangular stamp mockup. What makes this mockup an awesome freebie to keep on hand is the textures in both the paper and the wooden stamp!

Rectangular Rubber Stamp Mockup - Free

This realistic rubber stamp is perfect for showcasing your brand or logo. And with the simple background and gorgeous raised lettering on the stamp, your design will truly be front and center.

Envelope with Wax Stamp - Free

You get so much with this easy to customize mockup! Not only do you get a lovely stationery set, you get a delicate wax stamp that just screams classic elegance. And you can even change the color of the card, envelope, and seal.

Wax Seal Mockup - $6

Love the idea of a wax seal but want it to be more up close and personal? Then you’ll love these vibrant red, drippy wax stamps! You can put whatever you want on the seals and change out the background to best fit your needs.

Rubber Stamp Mockup - $7

There are so many options with this set of mockups. Nine different stamp views, four filters, and a variety of professional and fun backgrounds make this a complete stamp mockup pack.

Rounded Rubber Stamp Mockup – Free

Using the PSD smart layers already set up in this mockup, you’ll be able to switch out the example image for your own logo, symbol, or badge. And it will look so elegant on the heavy, grained paper.

Rubber Stamp Logo Mockup – Free

I think a pop of red always makes a good impression, but you can change out that color if you want something more subtle. The realistic rubber stamp mockup is perfect for displaying a logo design.

Wanderlust Traveler’s Stamps - $22

While these stamps can’t be customized, they are so beautiful, I don’t know why you’d want to change anything. The retro, ink traveler stamps include 177 badges that come with the name of a country and its map outline.

Check out the link to see the complete list of countries.

Wax Seal Logo Mockup - $6

Do you have a family crest? Because this is the wax mockup for it! If not, you can always use this professional, realistic wax stamp for your own logo designs.

Rubber Stamp with Wooden Handle – Free

Usually stamps are rectangular or circular, which is why it’s awesome to have a square option on this list. You can quickly change out the details to match your own logo or badge, keeping the quality of the original mockup.

Modern Stamped Logo – Free

With the modern stamp and rough lines, this stamp is ideal for logo designs. The circular design keeps focus where it needs to be, front and center on your branding.

Classic Rubber Stamp Logo Mockup - $5

This heavy, classic stamp mockup was crafted specifically with logos in mind. As a result, it is extremely easy to insert your logo into the Smart-Object. It’s click and go!

Rubber Stamp Mockup – Free

The crazy high resolution of this rubber stamp mockup make the freebie a great choice for showcasing your business. You can customize almost every aspect of the mockup to make it uniquely yours.

Wood Stamp Mockup – Free

The versatility of this light, wooden stamp mockup comes in part because of its simplicity. Instead of creating a lot of fuss about the design, this freebie allows focus to be on your creativity.

DOA Rubber Stamp and Stationery Mockup - $10

You get two different stamp shapes with this high-quality mockup. The rubber stamps aren’t just about the ink on the paper, but also the quality of the wooden stamps and how classic they’ll make your designs look.

Rubber Stamp Mockup – Free

With three different display options, this rubber stamp mockup gives plenty of variety for showcasing your brand, logo, or badge. The photorealistic design is easy to adjust and of the highest quality.

Wood Wax Seal Stamp – Free

Speaking of high quality, how fancy shmancy is this branding stamp mockup? The gorgeous wax seal is accentuated with the heavy, classic stamp that looks straight out of the royal palace.

Wax Seal Stamp Mockup - $6

With six different renders of 3D scenes, you won’t run out of ways to use this wax seal mockup. The mockup comes on a clear background to make integrating it into your design easier than ever!

Realistic Wooden Wax Stamp – Free

We’re really loving the heavy, authentic feel of these wax seal stamps. And the wax seal mockup adds its own splash of classy to the design. You’ll love how your brand, logo, or crest look in this wax against the elegant envelope included with the mockup.   

Stationery and Stamp Mockup – Free

Want something beyond just a stamp mockup? With this freebie, you’ll get a full stationery set and all the classy and elegance that comes with it. And front and center is the customizable wax seal and wax seal stamp.

Photorealistic Stamp Mockup - $2

With this rubber stamp mockup on sale, you get quite the deal! The stamp is extremely easy to customize, so you can move on from it to focus on more important projects. A great benefit of this option is the layered shadows that add a level of realism.

Wooden Stamp Mockup – Free

Have a few seconds? Then you can change out the sample logo for your own in this wooden stamp mockup. The mockup is so easy to use, you’ll only need a little time to make it truly your own.

Modern Logo Stamp – Free

Designed specifically for lifestyle and brand designs, this gorgeous mockup has so much depth and beauty, you should keep it on hand even if you don’t need it right this moment. The image allows you to change out the stamp on the label.

Collection of Vintage Stamps - $10

Perfect for blog or website use, these vintage stamps make quite the impression! You’ll be able to customize the blank space in the center of the image, making it the focal point of your design.

The Vintage Branding Survival Kit - $39

You won’t just get a stamp when it comes to this pack, though you’ll get that too! This gorgeous, thoughtful branding kit comes with logos, illustrations, stock photos, texture brushes, and the coveted rubber stamp.

All in all, you get way more than expected with this stunning pack.



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