24 Hoodie Mockup Templates to Put Your Logo On

24 Hoodie Mockup Templates to Put Your Logo On

Stay Warm with Hoodie Mockups

Keep a collection of hoodie mockups to showcase your branding and logos.

My deepest hope is that we won’t have to wear hoodies for too much longer. This winter has just gone on and on, but I’m hoping for spring.

However, just because the winter season is almost over doesn’t mean it’s the end of hoodie branding season. We’ve put together a collection of hoodie mockups and templates that you can use to showcase your logo and designs.

The free and premium options will help save you time when you’re putting together your ideas for branding.


Zip-Up Hoodie Mockup - $6

The mockup you’ll get with this purchase includes one regular fit, cotton hoodie. Even with the zipper down the middle of the hoodie, you’ll still have plenty of space to add your designs or branding. And the high resolution mockup makes it simple to change out material color.

Hoodie Sweatshirt Mockup - $7

A more lightweight option than the hoodie mockup above, this option presents a year-round style. The mockup can be used to showcase just one style and color, or multiples, side by side.

Men’s Hoodie Mockup – Free

The thicker material of this hoodie make it ideal for any winter designs you need to present. The hoodie also comes with an optional front pocket, another space to display your creativity.

Woman in Hoodie Mockup – Free

If your branding needs a female model, but you don’t want to bother hiring one, use this simple yet effective mockup. The mockup features a back view of a woman’s hoodie, giving you plenty of space to display your designs.

Urban Edition Hoodie Mockup - $9

You’ll get so many options with this hoodie mockup pack! Female or male models in classic or zip up hoodies. More importantly, you can make the material any color, the laces and zips any color, and quickly add in your own images or text.

Man’s Hoodie Mockup – Free

Not only does this hoodie look extremely comfortable, it also gives you multiple areas to showcase your designs. Front and back views, plus the ability to change out colors to complement your brand, offer you much needed versatility.

Hoodie Branding Template – Free

A simple hooded sweatshirt design with an unobtrusive male model may be all you need, which is why this is a freebie to keep on hand. The front and back views let you place branding and designs on both sides.

Hoodie Mockup – Free

The photorealistic hoodies in this mockup are of a thinner material and will make for perfect year-round templates. An added bonus is you can use one or two sweaters side by side, depending on your needs.

Gray Sweatshirt Hoodie Mockup – Free

Simple and to the point, this hoodie mockup is an option for you if you just want something quick to throw together before your clients arrive. The quality is still there, but the simplicity keeps focus on your designs rather than the hoodie.

Male Hoodie Mockup - $7

Want a model without having to deal with a model? You can easily purchase this set of mockups, which comes with 8 backgrounds, 5 FX controllers, and extremely organized layers.

Hoodie Mockup Collection – Free

You’ll get front, back, and side views of a male model in this photorealistic mockup. The hoodie is simple, with clean lines, so the actual mockup fades into the background as your designs take front and center.

Layered Hoodie Mockup – Free

Another easy to customize men’s hoodie mockup which will give you total and complete control over the color and designs.

High Resolution Hoodie Mockup – Free

With this freebie, you’ll get a flat hoodie with kangaroo pockets. The mockup also includes front and back views, giving you options for where you place your brand designs.

Hoodie Sweatshirt Mockup - $6

The quality of these hoodie mockups are stunning. The sweaters are presented on hangers, keeping this clean and professional. Even better, you can change out the hanger and the background colors.

Set of Three Hoodie Mockups – Free

The hoodies in this mockup collection were designed specifically for women, so if that’s your target market, you’ll want to keep these on hand. The set includes three different views.

Men’s Hoodie Mockup – Free

Want complete control over your mockups? Then these are the mockups for you. Not only do you get a front-facing male hoodie, you can change out the design and hoodie color, as well as the hue and saturation, light and shadows.

Woman’s Hoodie Sweater on Light Background – Free

This sweater is both simple and adorable. When you create a free account, you’ll get immediate access to the file, which will let you place your branding front and center.

Ladies Hoodie Mockup - $8

Want a collection of ladies hoodies for your designs? Look no further! You’ll get 6 different files with this set and the freedom to customize the arm, jeans color, hood, pockets, hem, hair, and skin.

Hoodie Front and Back Mockup – Free

Another simple front and back hoodie option for your collection. The folds and wrinkles of this mockup make it quite realistic, perfect if you’re trying to pitch design ideas.

Hoodie Mockup – Free

You get a free hoodie and model mockup with this download! The urban scene can be changed out, but it does add a layer of realism to your designs.

Black Hoodie with Female Model – Free

A simple, oversized black hoodie is all a girl really needs, making the model included in this mockup perfect for your branding. You’ll also get a front and back option with the download.

Hoodie Mockup – Free

If you have multiple designs you want to showcase, you can use these side by side hoodie mockups. Change the color and designs on the sweaters to make them truly your own.

Man with Baseball Cap and Hoodie - Free

The clean color of the hoodie and the simple background make this mockup perfect if you want it to be all about your designs. No distractions means all focus is on your creativity.

Zipped Hoodie Screen Print Logo Mockup - $5

Let’s end on a high note, shall we?

While you won’t get the full hoodie in this mockup, if you’re showcasing a logo print, you can simplify your presentation with this option. Keeping the focus on the logo will make your presentation that much more powerful. You’ll get 3 mockups from different angles with your purchase.



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