21 Retro Script Fonts from the 70s, 80s, and 90s

21 Retro Script Fonts from the 70s, 80s, and 90s

Retro Fonts for All!

Retro script fonts make a big impression and bring a feeling of nostalgia to any good design.

I love a good retro anything. And what’s great about design these days is that so many creatives are taking some of the best elements from past decades and incorporating them in new, contemporary ways. Not only does this bring a fresh look to designs, but it also ties the past and present together.

One of the best ways to bring a little retro into design is by using a font that has a more vintage feel. We’ve put together a list of our favorite retro script fonts from the 70s, 80s, and 90s for you to keep in your toolbox the next time you want to blend some old and new.


Dalston Retro Script Font - $17

Tony Thomas, one of Medialoot’s top designers, has created this gorgeous, retro font. Dalston comes in three weights, regular, light, and bold, and includes all the lettering and numbers you need. It even comes with kerning and extra ligatures!

Palm Canyon Drive - $29

A super mid-century, retro font, Palm Canyon was inspired by postcards, matchbook covers, and theme bars of that era. Palm Canyon manages to bring the elegance and chill of 50s California, but with a modernity of more modern fonts.

Hello Stockholm - Free

One of the foundations of Scandinavian designs is their minimalism, which is why retro script fonts inspired by that style are still so popular and stylish. Hello Stockholm makes a big impression when used on invitations, branding, or social media posts.

No. Seven – Starting at $26.25

With over for different style options, No. Seven definitely brings variety. When you add the set of ornaments that you can purchase for this font, you’ll really be able to create a retro feeling for your designs.

Monday Vacation – Free

Monday Vacation comes in three different style, Solid, Outline, and Script. All of them bring to mind the discos of the 70s, making them completely retro! Try out this free trial or get the full version, which includes more styles and ligatures.

Quotes Vintage Font – Free

Quotes Vintage is a retro font that is big and bold enough to be used for a number of designs. The freebie comes with basic letters and numbers, as well as multilingual options. The bold lines of Quotes Vintage make it great for children’s designs.

Thunderstorm - $16

Inspired by music of the 80s and 90s, Thunderstorm is just that, a loud font that makes a big impression. The retro font won’t just bring a feeling of nostalgia, it will bring it in a huge way! Along with the regular letters and numbers, Thunderstorm also comes with multilingual support.

Hansley Retro Font - $11

With its hand-lettering and stunning retro script, Hansley is a hybrid of multiple font styles. The result of this combination is a font that can be used for a range of designs. Hansley comes with two different styles, alternate stylistic characters, and support for multiple languages.

Krinkes – Free

Krinkes is an exaggerated script font. The retro feeling of the font makes it a perfect way to bring a hint of vintage without going too overboard. Krinkes has the added benefit of swashes, which can be typed by using the numbers 0-9.

Variane Script – Free

If you add a little bit of retro to a little bit of grunge in a script font, you’ll have Variane. The font combines the complexity of script fonts but uses the retro feel common in the 70s and 80s to make it feel a bit more approachable.

Groovy Retro Font - $19

As its name suggests, Groovy Retro is all about the hip and cool vibes of the 60s and 70s. Not only will you get a funky font with your purchase of Groovy, you’ll also get over 590 glyphs that only serve to compliment the already extravagant typeface.

Quefira – Free

Who says retro can’t be minimalistic? Not us! Quefira, which is reminiscent of 90s fonts, is clean and contemporary. However, the imperfect lines and shapes of the font add a natural element, which makes it perfect for apparel and branding.

Bukhari Script – Free

Bukhari is a freebie script font that combines retro and elegance in a bulky, bold typeface. The font comes with 375 glyphs, stylistic and artistic alternates, and ligatures. Plus, you get support for any language you want to use Bakhari for.

Brushlie – Free

Fonts of the 90s were all about ragged edges and bold strokes, which is why Brushlie is such an awesome retro font. Made using a real brush, Brushlie comes is an uppercase font, so typing in the lowercase gives you alternatives. The font also comes with numerals and punctuation.

Havana Sunset - $22

A font duo for the ages, Havana Sunset is comprised of an all-caps font and, our favorite, a textured script font. The combination is something retro and fun, while still being contemporary enough for use today. And you get so much with your purchase, from four style options to alternates and swashes.

Devonian Signature Font – Free

Devonian offers a lot of versatility, which is why we love it so much. Used as is, the script font can be used for high end branding and social media. Change up the color and throw it on a palm tree background and we’re back in the 70s!

Black Pink Signature – Free

You get four fonts in one typeface with this retro script freebie! Whether you’re using Regular, Bold, Italic, or Bold Italic, you’ll make a big impression with Black Pink. And with its uneven lines and fun ligatures and swashes, you’ll take people back in time with your designs.

Arthein – Free

Perfect for branding or logos, Arthein manages to be both bold and script. The hand-lettered font looks authentic and is reminiscent of the OG sports fonts from the 70s and 80s. Arthein has alternates and ligatures to give you flexibility with the font.

Saturday Night Font Family - $22

Talk about variety! The Saturday Night Font Family comes with seven different fonts, all deeply rooted in the music scenes of the 70s and 80s. Swashes, alternates, and ligatures add to the already vast number of options that come with this fun retro typeface!

Dephiana – Free

If you see Dephiana and immediately think of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, then we can be friends. The retro font is swooping and bold, making it a great choice for signage and logos. But in reality, I just want to see it spray painted across a wall in neon greens and pinks.

Hoodson Script – Free

Another great retro script, Hoodson has big personality and style. The graffiti inspired font is clearly reminiscent of fonts from the 90s and we’re here for that. The freebie comes with an additional marker font and a set of swashes.



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