16 Water Effect Photoshop Tutorials, Brushes, and More

16 Water Effect Photoshop Tutorials, Brushes, and More

Water, Water Everywhere But Not a Drop to Drink

A list of all the best water effect tutorials, brushes, and everything in between.

Today’s roundup is a real hodge podge of all things water!

We have water effect tutorials for Photoshop.

We have water brushes.

We even have a couple water mockups.

If you need water in your projects or designs, we have it for you here! The premium and free options we’ve put together for this roundup will help you add just that little bit of splash to anything you’re working on.


Water Effect Tutorials

Let’s start with the more complex part of our roundup. These water effect tutorials may take you a bit longer to use, but they’ll give you more complete control over your designs. From ripples to reflections, these tutorials walk you through each step to give you the watery look you want!

Ripple Effect Tutorial

Unlike the Ripple or Wave filters already available in Photoshop, this tutorial walks users through putting a single ripple in a very specific place in an image. The tutorial shows how you can control every aspect of adding ripples, working through detailed steps.

Water Effect on Products

If you’re taking product pictures, you know the benefit of having a well-placed water effect. Whether it’s adding a splash to sports products or creating movement in a scene, this tutorial will take you through the simple steps to add the effect to your own images.

Water Reflection in Photoshop

In this tutorial, Simone Sala walks readers through the steps to add a realistic water reflection to any image. You’ll find the instructions easy to understand and thorough, giving you the support you need to add a reflection to any photos in the future.

Displacement Water Tutorial

Definitely one of the more complex tutorials on this list, these instructions take designers through the steps needed to create a water surface and then add a reflection to that surface. While it may sound like a lot, the steps are detailed enough to qualm any fears.

Create Smooth Waterfalls in Photoshop

Have a gorgeous picture of a waterfall, but want to make it look like a long exposure? Then this tutorial is for you. In the downloadable tutorial, you’ll learn how to give a natural, realistic smoothness to waterfalls without losing quality.

Water Effect Mockups

Don’t have time to go through an entire tutorial to get the water effect you want? These water effect mockups are the solution to your problem. Quick, effective, and easy to use, these mockups work as shortcuts to getting water effects.

And who doesn’t love a good shortcut?

Water Reflection Mockup - $5

Use this water effect mockup to add a reflection with ripples below your image. The mockup is easy to use and you’ll find instructions on how to set it up in Photoshop. The best part? Your end result will be stunning!

Splash, Drop, and Funnel Water Mockups – Free

You get three high quality effects with this freebie. The varying effects, when added to a design or image, add just the right amount of movement for water scenes.

Falling Water Mockups – Free

Different sized and shaped drops make these water effects a must-have. The droplets, which also come with ripples and icicles, include realistic shadows on a transparent background. You can plug these into your designs and edit them to the perfect size.

Clear Water Splashes Set – Free

These photorealistic clear water circles have so many potential uses! Not only can they be plugged into product images to create a powerful visual, they can also be used in more subtle ways. You’ll get full access to all three splashes when you download this freebie.

Realistic 3D Water Splash Effect – Free

You can keep things simple with this silky smooth, realistic water splash illustration. The 3D wave and its additional water droplets can be adjusted and added to any design without hassle, making it a great tool to keep on hand.

Water Effect Brushes

Let’s end on the most versatile way to add water effects to your designs. Water brushes give you more control of where and how much water you add, which make them one of the best options for the more tricky projects.

Below you’ll find a selection of free water effect brushes to use for your next design.

Water Droplet Brushes for Photoshop – Free

With this free download, you’ll get 10 scatter brush presets you can use to add just the right amount of rain or droplets to your next project. The brushes work on light or dark backgrounds and are of the highest quality.

Water Splash Photoshop Brush – Free

There are 15 water splash brushes in this pack, all offering different variations on the splash. You’ll have options when it comes to playing around with your designs thanks to the super high quality brushes that will add a little something extra to your images, graphics, or prints.

Water Brush – Free

This free water brush adds just the right amount of movement to any water scene. Whether you want the water elements of your project to stand out or fade into the background, this water brush is a great option.

Water Brushes for Photoshop – Free

We’re going hard on these water brushes. If the 15 brushes above weren’t enough, have another 15! That way you’ll be able to get all the ripples, drops, reflections, and drips you want!

Waterfall Photoshop Brushes – Free

Need to add a bit of water to an otherwise dry scene? These realistic waterfall brushes create clean, flowing waterfalls with just a few clicks. With realistic splashes and 12 brush options, you’re sure to find at least one brush in this collection that will work for you.

Water Ripple Brushes – Free

If you want to add a little motion to your still water surfaces, grab one of these 15 brushes. Made for designs of the highest quality, the brush effect looks good on print designs as well as in digital images.



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